Omnicomm welcomes Mrs. Clelia Neves as Senior Regional Sales Director for Brazil
Omnicomm welcomes Mrs. Clelia Neves as Senior Regional Sales Director for Brazil

Her proven track of successful sale projects, business operations and start-ups in the LATAM region, spanning more than 20 years of experience in telecom, makes up strong foundation for Clelia Neves’ success; but these are not her only qualities that we love!.

An efficient executive, Mrs. Neves has throughout her career held a number of key positions with various businesses across Omnicomm’s operational region: a country manager, a managing sales director and a senior sales director are among her job titles with companies such as 3COM, Starent Networks, Cisco, Nominum and Jasper Wireless (Cisco).

In July 2016, Clelia is joining Omnicomm’s global management team as Senior Regional Sales Director for Brazil, seeking to contribute her extensive experience in the industry and deep knowledge of the local business environments to our stories of success. Clelia will be responsible for overall Omnicomm business activities in Brazil.

While we are proud of the technological and engineering solutions that we offer, we cannot stress enough how highly we value our human assets. Mrs. Neves’ is joining a team of top industry specialists that are truly dedicated to what they do; and Omnicomm is looking forward to becoming her most favorite business to work for.

With 2017 nearing its end we at Omnicomm would like to express the warmest thanks to you, our partners, who help bringing Omnicomm fuel and fleet management technologies to the global telematics marketplace and fleet owners worldwide.

Omnicomm has announced the results of the joint project with Strabag in Romania. The company reduced its monthly spending on the fleet by 30 percent thanks to Omnicomm fuel monitoring equipment.