Omnicomm Smart Fleet Management for Transport & Logistics: Facilitating Efficiency

OMNICOMM India will share its vision on the emergence of new business models facilitated by the arrival of robust IoT sensors and computing platforms during the Global Logistics Show at the Mumbai Exhibition Center, February 22-24th, 2018.

Omnicomm Advances into Eastern Europe With a Stellar Appearance at the Telematics Conference SEEurope 2017
On September 28, 2017 Omnicomm participated at a large telematics event that took place in Slovakia’s Bratislava: the Telematics Conference SEEurope.
Omnicomm India at Telematics India 2017: Talking Business
On August 17-18, 2017 Omnicomm India took part in the Telematics India 2017: Pune Trade Show. With 176 companies enlisted to participate, this is by far one of the largest industry events in the region. Representatives from 56 different companies visited the Omnicomm stall and showed utmost interest in its fuel management solutions.
Partner Seminars in Kenya Bring In New Contracts
In March 2017, Omnicomm has visited two key cities in Kenya in order to co-host seminars for local fleet owners with its Kenyan partner. Partner events of this kind aim to provide sales support, attract new clients to companies in charge of Omnicomm products in foreign markets and stimulate their sales.
Omnicomm México fue invitado a un evento de formación para socios
Omnicomm México recientemente participó en una sesión de entrenamiento organizado por CalAmp, su socio de hardware en México. Fue el primer evento oficial de educación para los clientes CalAmp - CalAmp CDMX Sesión Técnica 2017. Omnicomm fue el único socio invitado a ser parte del programa.
Descubriendo oportunidades en México: Omnicomm en la Expo Seguridad 2017
Entre el 14 y 16 de marzo del 2017, Omnicomm se convirtió en uno de los expositores en la famosa Expo Seguridad, el evento anual más grande en la industria de la seguridad en México. Co-representado por Suntech, un productor de hardware y un socio a largo plazo, Omnicomm disfrutó de un intenso programa lleno de reuniones y debates, facilitando la creación de redes y oportunidades de negocio para la empresa.
Omnicomm and Cast Engineering Ltd: “Fuel consumption management technology is expanding in the Bulgarian market”
March 14Th, 2017 Omnicomm and Cast Engineering Ltd. held a seminar in Sophia, Bulgaria attended by more than fifteen transportation companies. This was an exceptional opportunity for the Bulgarian organizations to learn about the innovative fuel consumption management technology that allows to achieve above 40% of the fuel budget savings.
Omnicomm and Riddhi infosystem discussed fuel and fleet management challenges and opportunities in India with transport and logistics companies
December 2016 Omnicomm together with Riddhi Infosystem organized an outreach event with the objective of creating a platform for two-way communication between fuel and fleet management providers and fleet owners (primarily transport companies and logistics-but not limiting to these!).
Omnicomm and “Long-term fuel data analysis brings fuel management value to the maximum level”

Omnicomm and leading Mexican information hub,, have organized breakfast for 38 people from 17 different businesses that all share Omnicomm's interest and passion for fuel management.

Fuel management technology – a way to transparent and eco-friendly business says Brazil at SAE 2016
Participation in the SAE congress in Brazil, which we have previously announced, has only proven that the demand and interest for fuel management is constantly growing among key players in the market.

Omnicomm has presented its capabilities and interests both on and off the Congress, having some very successful and interesting meetings with our partners in South America: Altea Group, Galooli, GoBrax, Wtrack and many others.
Successful Integration of Omnicomm Hardware with Suntech’s New 2016 Terminals
Omnicomm and Suntech are taking their partnership to the next level as the global company releases its brand new 300 range of terminals, completely replacing the previous 215 line. The new terminals feature two RS-232 ports; this allows directly connecting two fuel level sensors at once, providing Omnicomm with increased technical opportunities and presence in the industry.
Omnicomm launching a brand new website: same quality, new URL

With nearly 20 years of experience in the global market for fuel monitoring systems and transport telematics, Omnicomm continues to experience steady sales growth worldwide. And to further its expansion, the company is launching a brand new website at to size up to its expanding operations.